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Monday, December 5, 2011

Bend Update: 2:45PM

Where's Walden?!

Occupy CD2 stuffed Walden's Bend office with people. Walden's aides insisted that they had a meeting with homeless veterans that Occupiers were keeping them from.

Occupy CD2 tried to find out where the meeting was, but got no answers. They sent a group of veterans out to the meeting to invite the homeless veterans up to Walden's office to meet with Walden's aides. They couldn't find the meeting!

The Occupy CD2 veterans went to the Office of Veteran's Services where they were told no meeting was taking place.

They then went to the Veteran's Outreach Office. The staff had no idea about the meeting.

Veteran's Outreach called Cody, a staffer at Walden's Bend office, to inquire about this meeting. Cody himself said there was no meeting today.


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